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The only inconvenience is that 1ml=25mg. One millilieter is not so small to inject, but when you are talking about drinking it, this is a very small amount of fluid. From what I have seen it does not pay to try and break up your dose as you would with pill spacing throughout the day (ex. 2 w/breakfast, 2 w/lunch, 2 w/dinner). It is very troublesome to try and measure 1/5th to 2/5 ml of solution every time you want to drink some. Just use a full 1 ml. I have seen various individuals take 1ml twice per day and blow up enormously. Keep in mind that this would also equate to 50mg of dianabol a day, not a shabby dose and one you would not want to take for more than about eight weeks before taking a break from orals and getting your liver tested.

This is the second time around for me ordering from naps. As usual everything was solid. Had a bit of a hiccup with the payment arrangements initially but they were able to find me an alternative means to get it done. There was a short on some of the product but after I sent them pictures of the product and explained what was missing they were great to get the missing product sent out immediately, without even charging me for any additional shipping costs. The products themselves were quality as usual and I have lab work to back it up. About to make my third order with them now. Can't recommend them enough!

Dbol pills pink

dbol pills pink


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