Dbol test first cycle

Dave, let me clear the air here on some of the confusion… I recommend the 1 vial cycle for someone who is either A. younger or either B. already has high levels of natural testosterone. Now, the typical middle aged male who already had declining levels of natural testosterone COULD go with 500 mg/wk for 10 wks. Recovery is recovery at that point and if you’re going to do it then I see nothing wrong with getting the most out of that first cycle. But what you have to realize is a male with a starting level of high average test levels can still yield the same benefits of someone who is middle range-low end of normal and uses 500mg/wk of test. In either case the person can still gain a solid 20 lbs of muscle from either 1 or 2 vials, the determining factor on this is what they were at to begin with

First, what harm do you think a more substantive cycle would do compared to that, and second, if so concerned about being extremely safe -- warning even against trying 50 mg of Dianabol per day without easing the foot into the water -- why not be concerned about the fact that it is not unknown to have serious recovery problems after 12 week cycles, even with modest doses? And how about that it's harder on the liver to go 12 weeks straight with any alkylated? This seems like contradictory advice. If wishing to be so cautious, it's hard to see advocating more than 8 weeks straight, as likelihood of recovery problems increases with every week past that (and is not zero at 8 weeks, but pretty unlikely given Clomid for recovery, and moderately unlikely failing that.)

From what I understand, an oestrogen blocker is required every day from the beginning right through to 4 weeks after last injection as part of the PCT. It seems Nolvadex is the drug of choice here but many have said that it is ineffective in preventing sides from Deca due to the fact it is Progesterone-derived. I have heard recommendations of using Arimidex, then not using Arimidex, using Aromasin, using Cabergoline. I can't seem to get a straight answer. Should I combine an AI with a SERM? Clomid use seems fairly comes HCG. It seems to me that there are two schools of thought here:

Dbol test first cycle

dbol test first cycle


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