East german ak parts kit

The AKU-94 is a bullpup conversion kit (built and originally sold as a kit by K-VAR) for the AK type rifle, Both the European style AKs (like the Romanian AKs or Egyptian Maadis) and the Chinese style of AK rifle (Type 56) can fit into the kit. In the Mid-2000s, KVAR stopped making and selling the AKU-94 conversion kit. All remaining kits were purchased by Century Arms International, and subsequently used to 'spruce up' AK rifles with a futuristic bullpup look. Currently various imported AK rifles (mostly WASRs) with kit installed, is sold by Century Arms International. This bullpup configuration retains the standard barrel length but the design makes the AK rifle more compact making it more suitable for close quarters battle.

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    and 2 cm Flak Crew Manual - WW2 Era Issue

    Handbuch für Den Flakartilleristen (Der Kanonier) , Handbook for the Flak Artillery Crew (The Cannonier).   Dated 1941, 8th Improved Edition.  Paperback, 67 pages. This manual is a translation of parts of the 1941 Handbook for the Flak Artillery. The only sections contained herein are the basics for each gun, and the detailed descriptions of the tasks for each crewmember during setup and firing. It does not contain the artillery geometry, theory, communication, or aircraft recognition sections of the original 204 page manual.
    Please reference "Flak Crew" on your order.
    $17 – includes . first class postage.
    Cover   Contents   Page 19   Page 59  

    East german ak parts kit

    east german ak parts kit


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