East german ak74

1. Funny thing, that wasn’t even the real article; it happened in Germany too after a 13 year russian migrant was raped by refugees. The event in question did happen. You avoided commenting on it and tried to shoot the messenger instead. Typical. If the dailystormer said 2+2=4, does it stop being so?
2. Like I said, proven terrorist =/= US citizen. The idea that everyone should be allowed rights for the sake of everyone’s rights is idiotic. If non-citizens have the same rights as citizens, yet citizens owe duty to the government (taxes) simply for being citizens, what is the point of being a citizen? And if there is no point to being a citizen, what reason does that country have to exist? You have no proof, no coherent response, and your argument is a clumsy attempt to poison the well.
3. People like you are the reason we have an obesity epidemic. The world isn’t a nice place; when I was fat, I was shamed. Because I was shamed, I lost the weight. I imagine I would only have a couple more decades to live if people hadn’t told me off for it. But you’re right; people feeling undue pride in themselves for accomplishing nothing is more important than them having a happy life where they live past the age of 50.
Violence begets violence. It seems you want to ban powerful countries from recompense for acts against them. This leads to the collapse of civilization and the rise of international elitists who treat nations like vassals.

East german ak74

east german ak74


east german ak74east german ak74east german ak74east german ak74east german ak74