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In November 2007, the Blue Condominium , a 32-unit, 16 story luxury condominium tower was completed at 105 Norfolk Street just north of Delancey Street, the pixellated, faceted blue design of which starkly contrasts with the surrounding neighborhood. Following the construction of the Hotel on Rivington one block away, several luxury condominiums around Houston, and the New Museum on Bowery , this new wave of construction is another sign that the gentrification cycle is entering a high-luxury phase similar to in SoHo and Nolita in the previous decade.

America should stand firmly behind Israel . We don’t need to be directly involved in any Peace Process . Frankly , Israel should not be under any obligation to negotiate Peace with anyone . There is no Palestine . Anyone who attacks them should expect retaliation or preemptive strikes from them . As for Muslim Embassies including Turkey ; Israel would be within their rights to expel any and all of them . Frankly , Israel should expel any radical elements within its borders as should any Sovereign Nation in this World . Screw the UN Hypocrites ……………..

East german lower handguard

east german lower handguard


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