East german police

Because they are ‚poor, but sexy‘ (to quote their ex-mayor)
If Berlin weren‘t the Capital and would get federal subsidies, they‘d be bankrupt for more than a decade. So it’s simply a matter of ‚no money‘ for a new handgun…
And Bavaria has had the money, but kept the P7 until there is no alternative than to switch: no spare parts since 2008 (?), no support from HK. Heck, they bought surplus P7 from Lower Saxony (when they switched to P2000) and vandalized them for spares! And they plan to ramp up personel by 2000 officers over the next 3 years, so they need additional guns.
Now they are trying out the SFP9, the SIG320 and Walther PPQ. Eonder why there‘s no Glock… although the RFP was published europe-wide…

East german police

east german police


east german policeeast german policeeast german policeeast german policeeast german police