Oral tbol side effects

Users on an oral steroid cycle may experience a sudden increase in body weight and muscular development, insomnia, irritability, aggressive combative behavior, puffy face, severe acne, bad breath, a yellowing of the eyes and skin, premature hair loss, hyperactivity, and exaggerated mood swings that include uncontrollable outbursts of anger. Males may also experience testicular shrinkage and can develop female breast tissue on the pectoral muscles. Females may also experience a deeper voice and decreased breast size. Continued use can result in life-threatening situations involving the liver, cardiovascular system, and brain.

During chelation, toxins exit the body in urine, feces and sweat, and fluids and nutrients are excreted with the toxins. Therefore, most of the side effects of oral chelation are related to the loss of fluids and nutrients. Some patients may experience fatigue due to a loss of nutrients during the process of chelation. Low blood sugar and dehydration can cause headaches. Cramping may occur and is likely caused by a loss of magnesium or dehydration due to excess sweating. Depleted zinc or vitamin B-6 levels can result in skin irritation. Convulsions or joint pain may occur if the dosage of the chelating agent is too high.

Very common (10% or more): Heart failure (up to %), hypotension (systolic blood pressure less than 90 mmHg) (up to %), bradycardia (heart rate less than 40 beats per minute) (up to %),
Common (1% to 10%): Cold extremities, arterial insufficiency, palpitation, first degree heart block (P-R interval seconds or greater), second or third degree heart block, postural disorders
Uncommon (% to 1%): Cardiogenic shock in patients with acute myocardial infarction
Rare (% to %): Disturbances of cardiac conduction, cardiac arrhythmia
Very rare (less than %): Intermittent claudication increased
Frequency not reported: Claudication [ Ref ]

Oral tbol side effects

oral tbol side effects


oral tbol side effectsoral tbol side effectsoral tbol side effectsoral tbol side effectsoral tbol side effects