Prednisone steroid sinus infection

There are a number of allergists that specialize in the nose and sinuses and their expertise will often positively influence overall outcome. Such therapy includes medication and avoidance of known allergens following testing. In some instances the team does prescribe anti-fungal or other nasal washes for the nose and sinuses. For additional information on nasal washes please review , and . The overall goal of any combination of medications and allergy treatment is to improve symptoms and enhance quality of life. The overall goal of medical treatment is to control tissue inflammation and improve symptoms and is often used in combination with surgery in the management of chronic rhinitis and sinusitis. Keep in mind that structural problems such as a deviated nasal septum and various narrowing of sinus passages impacts on our management plan and surgical correction of such structural problems enhances the positive impact of medical treatment.

I would try Alvesco…it is a steriod inhaler but with out bronchial dilater. According to two of the top NYC Vocal Doctors, it has larger molecules and doesn’t affect the larynx and vocal cords as much. It still contains the risk factors of other inhalers, but less so than ADVAIR. I’m a professional singer and teacher, so I am going to try it.
As of now (17 years on Advair) I am just starting to lose my upper range. Very frustrating.
Gargling DOES help but finding your own cocktail of mixtures is hit and miss.
Best of luck

Prednisone steroid sinus infection

prednisone steroid sinus infection


prednisone steroid sinus infectionprednisone steroid sinus infectionprednisone steroid sinus infectionprednisone steroid sinus infectionprednisone steroid sinus infection