Seretide diskus steroid

Someone said they don't prescribe Advair in the us anymore. Not true. My dr. Prescribed that for me today but with insurance cost just under $400!!! I don't understand how they get away with this! Needless to say I couldn't afford that much money. I was told there was not a generic for this. My previous Dr. Prescribed albeuterol but didn't work well. He dr today said he wanted to try a different kind of inhaler hense the advair script. Does anyone know of an inhaler that works like advair and doesn't cost as much as my health insurance costs monthly?

Long-acting beta2 agonists (salmeterol or formoterol) and combination products that contain salmeterol with fluticasone (Seretide Accuhaler) or formoterol with budesonide (Symbicort Turbohaler) are indicated for the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Although inhaled corticosteroids are not indicated for monotherapy in COPD, treatment guidelines (including those issued by the Global initiative on Obstructive Lung Disease, GOLD) 1 recommend that inhaled steroids may be added to ongoing bronchodilator therapy in COPD management.

Seretide diskus steroid

seretide diskus steroid


seretide diskus steroidseretide diskus steroidseretide diskus steroidseretide diskus steroidseretide diskus steroid