Skin thinning steroid cream

I am Carmen from Queensland, Australia, have always been a bit unfit, but after a motor vehicle accident 5 years ago where I was in bed, for 3 months, have now been diagnosed with severe Emphysema, however I have also had Crohns Disease, taking a lot of Prednisone 20 years ago, play Lawn bowls and have shocking thin bruising, tearing thin skin, that becomes easily infected, also have just found out I have Kidney disease with shrunken kidneys and cysts, so am not having much meat and have cut out salt, I have also read that Kidney disease can cause breathlessness, I can put up with everything else I have except the severe breathlessness. I have a burning throat all the time and severe heartburn.

Early warning signs of skin atrophy include tension or tightness in the skin, pain, pitting, dryness and a papery texture or appearance, and increased visibility of blood vessels in the skin. The face is often the first place people notice the problem, because the skin there is more sensitive and also more visible. Patients can meet with a dermatologist to explore possible causes and talk about potential treatment options, including medications or changes to a skincare regimen like using gentler soaps and being more aggressive about moisturizing the skin.

Skin thinning steroid cream

skin thinning steroid cream


skin thinning steroid creamskin thinning steroid creamskin thinning steroid creamskin thinning steroid creamskin thinning steroid cream