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Remember, I can’t really speak in a professional way, to your specific problem but I’d have to say that offhand, your symptoms are not totally consistent with bursitis. Read my blog and recognize that bursitis causes almost exclusively, pain on the outside of the hip. Rarely does it radiate down the leg. It is not associated with groin pain. Now, if you’re over forty and you’ve had a hip MRI, it is very possible that the radiologist might have seen hip bursitis and documented it on your report. So indeed you probably DO have some element of bursitis. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing causing your pain. Groin pain, pain down to your ankle and low back pain are not due to hip bursitis. Hip bursitis is more likely the result of other mechanical issues which cause you to limp a little and stimulate that hip bursitis, which in a woman over forty…is just waiting to happen. You might keep searching for other hip or back causes of your pain. Again…I’m not there to examine you, so I can’t be certain. And it sounds like you have been searching. I’m sorry your endeavors have not lead to relief of your symptoms. Keep sitting like a man because that will definitely help your bursitis and it’s the right thing to do.
I do give hip bursa injections to many patients. It helps in some, and in others it’s either very transient relief or no relief at all. If a hip bursa injection helps, in your case, it’s likely ONLY to help any lateral hip pain you have. It’s unlikely to help the other pains you have mentioned. Additionally, there are other sources of lateral hip pain: like gluteal tendonosis, which is also common in women over forty.

MethylPREDNISolone Dose Pack (methylprednisolone): "I had a small cut under my left eye around my birthday (Dec 10th) which then progressed into a full blown swollen eye, it was so bad that I was up all night crying. And not mostly because people stared at me, or didn't want to get "infected" by being too close. My initial diagnosis was celulitis and that was an infection so I was not prescribed this medication yet. It kept getting worse, and soon spread to the other eye. I went to the Ophthalmologist and me gave me a steroidal eye cream after re-diagosing me with Contact dermatitis. It was hell for 3 full weeks. I went back to the doctor, this is now going on 2 months. She gave me this medication and in 1 day I could notice a difference. BUT the pills taste AWFUL like chewing aspirin."

Steroid bum injections

steroid bum injections


steroid bum injectionssteroid bum injectionssteroid bum injectionssteroid bum injections