Steroid sachets australia customs

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Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS) officers have seized 5,586 tablets of steroids from a female passenger who arrived at Brisbane Airport from Thailand, on Monday 12 August.
ACBPS officers found the tablets in sachets, labelled "Lavender Bath and Soak Salt", and also contained in vitamin bottles inside the passenger's suitcase.
ACBPS National Manager Airport Operations North, Craig Sommerville, says this seizure highlights the expert training and professionalism of officers at the border.
"This seizure demonstrates the ongoing hard work of our officers at Australia's frontline, who every day continue to intercept illegal substances before they reach our communities," Mr Sommerville said.
"No matter how these prohibited substances are concealed, our highly trained officers have the intelligence, technology and expertise to detect them."
While such substances may be available overseas, performance and image enhancing drugs are a prohibited import under the   Customs Act 1901   and can only be imported if a person is issued with a permit from the Therapeutic Goods Administration.
Those caught attempting to import prohibited substances such as steroids without the appropriate permits could face fines of up to $170,000 and up to five years in prison.

Steroid sachets australia customs

steroid sachets australia customs


steroid sachets australia customssteroid sachets australia customssteroid sachets australia customssteroid sachets australia customssteroid sachets australia customs