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Mid America Mortgage, Inc. holds the following licenses and approval levels:

  • FHA Direct Endorsement
  • Ginnie Mae Issuer
  • VA Automatic Approval
  • USDA Rural Development National Lender
  • Fannie Mae Seller/Servicer
  • Multi State lending license
MAM Product Flyers:
  • 1st Time Buyers-A
  • 1st Time Buyers-B
  • Bank Statements Mtg.-Elements
  • Conforming 97-Elements
  • FHA-Elements
  • Int. Only-Elements
  • Jumbo-Elements
  • NearPrime-Elements
  • Non Warr. Condo-Elements
  • USDA-Elements
  • USDA Refi. Matrix
  • VA-Elements
  • Specialty Mortgage Products
Important Contact Information Lock Desk: Email the Lock Desk
Customer Service: (855) 528-4572

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