Steroide nebenwirkungen haut

Contraceptive steroids induce changes of function of certain organs which are quite similar to those occurring in normal pregnancy. This observation is particularly true for the function of the thyroid gland, adrenal cortex, and liver. Most of the steroid-induced changes are caused by the estrogens, more rarely by the gestagens contained in these steroid combinations. The degree of hormone-induced changes is comparatively greater during pregnancy than during treatment with oral contraceptives. Healthy organs can easily adapt their functions to changes in hormonal environment, in pregnancy, when excessively large amounts of estrogens and progesterone are produced by the placenta. It is therefore not surprising that the adaptation of organ function of exo geneously administered steroids does not create any problem of clinical significance in most cases. Laboratory results obtained in women using oral contraceptives should be interpreted in the light of this consideration. Changes in hormonal environment may cause clinical manifestations of genetically determined alterations of organ function. Cholestatic jaundice of pregnancy is a typical example. Contraceptive s teroids may also cause cholestasis in very rare cases. Other steroid-induced changes in organ function, even the occurrence of thromboembolism, are very likely influenced by genetic factors. It has to be emphasized that combinations of synthetic estrogens and gestagens are being used as contraceptives. Their pharmacologic properties are quite similar to those of the naturally occurring hormones but they are not the same. This is true for some gestagens with a slight androgenic effect, which is antagonized by the effect of estrogen. Many side effects are not dangerous to the health of women using contraceptives, and most disappear after the 1st cycle of treatment. A change to a low-dosage preparation is often useful. By treating some side effects the number of women who might discontinue treatment, will be reduced to a minimum. (AUTHOR'S MODIFIED)

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Steroide nebenwirkungen haut

steroide nebenwirkungen haut


steroide nebenwirkungen hautsteroide nebenwirkungen hautsteroide nebenwirkungen hautsteroide nebenwirkungen hautsteroide nebenwirkungen haut