Steroids for cats with diarrhea

Monitoring Recommendations for Cats on Insulin
Initially, your cat will need to be monitored frequently as the dose of insulin is adjusted. If you choose, we can train you on how to take blood sugar measurements at home. This may reduce the amount of stress placed on your cat.  The measurements would then be shared with your veterinarian and the dosage and timing of the insulin may be adjusted. If measurements are not made at home, you will be required to bring your cat in periodically (recommended times to be outlined by your veterinarian) for examination and blood sugar measurement.  We do not generally recommend serial blood glucose monitoring in our feline patients, as the stresses of hospitalization may affect your cat’s appetite and may also falsely elevate blood sugar levels. However, in some cases, we may suggest a serial blood glucose test to determine the correct dose of insulin needed or to assess response to current insulin therapy.  We strongly recommend a physical examination and full blood work and urinalysis every 6- 12 months.

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I have a 15 year old 5 pound female cat who was diagnosed with bacterial bladder infection. Urine sample taken. No crystals present. Bladder is soft and feels normal. She was prescribed liquid clavamox 1 ml twice per day for 10 days. First dose given and 2 hours later, cat was vomiting and diarrhea. She stood up, stumbled and collapsed onto her side. I stopped the clavamox and called the vet. Vet called me the next day and said keep her off it. She didn’t offer anything else other than more testing. She cannot take the antibiotics, so I am left with no recourse.

Steroids for cats with diarrhea

steroids for cats with diarrhea


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