Tbol before bed

This product is a joke. This is a an attempt at creating a "legal" steroid. This tbol is a copycat of a steroid called tbol which is a form of the steroid dianabol. If you read the ingredients, you'll notice "diavanabol" as a main ingredient, which again is an attempt at recreating a steroid and selling it as a regular test booster. This does not work and all the guys who are claiming they gained 8 pounds in 4 weeks are full of it. Their gains were probably a placebo effect as gaining 8 pounds of muscle in 4 weeks is a feat in itself even for a steroid.

Running test E 500mg a week and 50mg tbol everyday for 5 weeks. Been on test for 6 weeks but added the tbol 2 weeks ago and my stomach has been wrecked ever since. I'm nauseated and barely wanna eat, but I'm still forcing down 5 meals a day. The effects are awesome and I'm grainy and strong as a Bull rn , I'm 198 and my bench is up to 405lbs. But my stomach is just not liking this stuff. Much like dbol my last cycle. Im not a fan of orals but I'd like to at least finish up this tbol. Anything I can take to subside these stomach issues? I know the best option is to drop tbol completely but I'd like to finish these last 3 weeks. Only thing I'm taking to combat is milk thistle. Please share some info I'd like to keep progressing

Tbol before bed

tbol before bed


tbol before bedtbol before bedtbol before bedtbol before bedtbol before bed