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1)      Primary (Idiopathic)
2)      Secondary – associated with Autoimmune Disorders (especially SLE), Malignancy (both solid and heme tumors), Infections (bacterial, virla, and parasites), and Drug Reactions
Diagnostic Criteria:
Needs both clinical AND laboratory evidence to make the diagnosis of APS.
A. Clinical:   1 or more episodes of venous or arterial thrombosis, and/or pregnancy complications (unexplained fetal loss after 10 weeks, 3 or more unexplained fetal losses prior to 10 weeks, or 1 or more premature birth prior to 34 weeks)
B . Laboratory: Antiphospholipid Abs on 2 or more occasions, at least 12 weeks apart.

Venom labs steroids

venom labs steroids


venom labs steroidsvenom labs steroids